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A little bit about me: I’m originally from the Chicago area, don’t hold that against me, I’m from the Republican side (you know: the Land of Lincoln) My dad grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and I was raised with good ol' fashioned Mid-West work ethic and values. WORK ETHIC and VALUES…, My parents moved us out to Arizona when I was in Jr. High and I went to High School in Scottsdale where I played Baseball and ran Track and Cross Country. I went to Junior College at Scottsdale Community College on a Track Scholarship, then on to Northern Arizona University also on a Track Scholarship, and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in business. I've been in the corporate world for over 30 years as a Manager, District/Region Manager, and Marketing Company President. 

  "Kirk Fiehler is a conservative businessman who knows what it takes to strengthen Arizona’s economy while always protecting taxpayers. As our next Pinal County Chairman, Kirk will fight for policies that promote economic growth and prosperity. He will also fight for state-based solutions to do what others refuse to do – secure our border and stop illegal immigration. We need principled conservatives fighting for us more than ever. In the race for Pinal County Chairman, the principled conservative is Kirk Fiehler. " 

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