I believe the US Constitution is the greatest document ever written in self governance. I am Pro Life and Pro 2nd Amendment. I believe in Life, God, Family, and Country and our Constitution protects all of these and is why I'm so passionate and running to be your State Representative.


I am a Precinct Committeeman (PC), a State Committeeman, and District Chairman of my PC District. Why is this important? In the Corporate world you must work your way up. Not only have I done this in the corporate world but I am accomplishing this in the political arena.

My professional experience includes managing large teams of people as a Manager, District Manager, Regional Manager, and Marketing Company President. I currently run the Southern Arizona area for Jackson Hewitt Tax Service where our motto is "we work hard for the hardest working". I have been responsible for large budgets, and large profit and loss statements. I know what being held accountable means. This experience will be valuable in serving you as your Pinal County Chairman.  

I have the ability to see through things that other people might not, and I have achieved successful results at each company I have worked for.  



The 10th Amendment: Powers not granted to the Federal Government belong to the States.

Without fair and honest elections we no longer have a Constitutional Republic. The people in Arizona want to feel confident that when we have an election in our great State that the voting is accurate. This starts with cleaning up the voter rolls. For example: the voter rolls should be compared to Post Office records at least twice a year. We need to ban mail in voting except for only those who cant vote in person. Voter ID with paper ballots. Arizona needs strong State Laws that guard against things such as using drop boxes and mail boxes for ballot dumps, and voting machines that can be connected to the internet. We need to have a secure chain of custody so we can legitimately match every single ballot to a real, live, legal resident of Arizona. We need drastically smaller precincts. Election Day should be a Holiday so everyone has no issues making it to their local voting place. We also need strong State Law with consequences for anyone who jeopardizes any part of our election process in Arizona. For example: if you are caught breaking any Arizona election law, you will have mandatory prison time and you will lose your voting rights in Arizona. 


We have an actual humanitarian crises at our Southern Border and this is negatively effecting Arizona in multiple ways. Women and Children are being sold into the sex slavery trade right here in the United States of America. Men being taken from their families and told if they don't deliver a package to a certain place by a certain time their family will be killed. Drug Cartels paying our own Arizona teenagers to smuggle drugs. Drugs pouring across the border. Backpacks have been seized with enough fentanyl to kill an entire city. The list goes on and not only has the current Administration done nothing to stop it, they've allowed all this to happen. 

Since the Federal Government refuses to do anything about this crisis (over 2.3 million people entered into this country illegally last year) we need to enact strong State Laws to address these issues. For example: we need money allocated in the budget for our own wall that includes electronic and ariel surveillance. (This was just done in this last budget. now we need to make sure it happens) We can do this with the right people in the Arizona Legislature.


A strong economy is vital for Arizona. Arizona currently has a strong economy and we need strong fiscally conservative Legislators to not only keep it that way but to keep it growing and create high paying jobs and bring good companies to our Great State. Arizona's economy thrives with less regulations, not more regulations. 


The middle class always takes the brunt of higher taxes, even when politicians say they are taxing the rich. Keeping taxes low so people have more money to spend or invest back into their own business will be one of my top priorities.


I admire teachers who dedicate their career to actually educating their students, but I feel the angst that parents feel about schools and school districts that try to indoctrinate students with leftist propaganda such as CRT and teach revised history with such nonsense as the 1619 Project. We need strong State Laws that penalize schools and school districts that try to indoctrinate students rather than educate them. I am all for school choice and allowing parents to decide what school is best for their child. Education money should always follow the student.


Freedoms given to us by God and spelled out by our Founders seem like they're under constant assault by the other side. Mask mandates, vaccine mandates, lockdowns, ... draconian measures (that obviously don't work) should not be able to be decreed by any one person. We need to do everything we can to make sure we get rid of outdated "emergency" laws that give the governor the power to make what are equivalent to decrees.

I want to work for you. I know what it takes
to find solutions; and I will get things done!